Only me,

only me s

pasted onto the background,
camouflaged by transformation–
I would be a winged creature,
I would make my home in the sky.
I would look down and be amazed
at how wide I am
and how the earth is so far away
and small.
I would memorize the patches of green,
the glittering waters–
I would bathe in clouds
above and below
and not think at all,
shedding my worries
and obsessions,
the circular reasoning of fear,
like scraps of paper on the wind–
unglued, released, forgiven.

Linda at dVerse has asked us to respond to the wonderful art of Jackie Hurlbert.  I used as inspiration her painting, “Bluebird’s Journey”, above.

only me close up s

You can see more of Jackie’s work at her website,


24 thoughts on “Only me,

  1. I love your collage and how you wrote to the prompt artwork. Your poem made me think of the P’eng bird from Chinese myth. Such a message of liberation, especially the lines at the end. ❤

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