umbra s

The movements of the starlings murmur on the screen, casting a continuous kaleidoscope of black and dusky blue, merging and reconfiguring with the fading of the sun.

I wonder: where do the city birds that populate the frozen sidewalks of my street gather to choreograph their roost?

Wings trace the twilight–
branches shiver with the wind,
glowing in the dark

Merril at dVerse asks us to conjure nature’s magic–one of the suggested “lost words” is starling.  A friend just sent me the video of murmuration below–definitely magic.

umbra close up s


10 thoughts on “Umbra

  1. I do not know the Starlings here, in Trinidad, but sometimes i see the Chicken Hawks pattern the sky. I think the effects would be similar. Enjoyed your haibun
    Thanks for dropping by my blog to read mine

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  2. We have nearly daily the chance to see a mumuration where I live. I love the word, and it is magical to see. When we see a bit of magic, we almost immediately start wondering if it can be happening near us. Beautiful Haibun, and such a great haiku, feels almost like the cyclical roost and flight between the birds and the branches almost becomes a dance in it, all against the backgrond of light and dark. So much in that image! thank you for this

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