Poem up at The Ekphrastic Review

interrogations wht s

My poem, “Interrogation”, is posted today as part of a sequence of poems inspired by the painting “In Equipoise”, by Teresa Vito.  My thanks to guest editor Kyle Laws for selecting my work.

You can read it and see the original painting here.

6 thoughts on “Poem up at The Ekphrastic Review

  1. Congratulations, Kerfe! Your timely poem stood out–blood and reparations.
    Your own art is both beautiful and a bit terrifying–like the birth of. . .something, I’m not sure what, a star, a planet, a monster. . .

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    1. Thanks Merril. It was interesting to me that he chose my poem, as the tone is so different from all the others.
      The art did start from a space photo, but as usual became it’s own image. And ambiguous, I agree.

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