Derby King

alonso haiku s

When I saw Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday words, “pretty ugly”, I couldn’t help thinking of my baseball team, the New York Mets, 13 1/2 games out of first place.  But there are some bright spots…

Pete Alonso, New York Mets first baseman, won the Home Run Derby at the All Star Game yesterday.

There’s a long history of baseball haiku, so every once in awhile I indulge.  Also good to get back to some drawing.

You can see some of my other baseball haiku here and here and here.

22 thoughts on “Derby King

  1. This is fabulous, Kerfe! My Ron (ex-pitcher for the Twins) has been watching all the games that he can. His Minnesota Twins are holding their own for once. This is an excellent Haiga. Your drawing is so fluid… you’ve captured the motion of the batter so well! ❤

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    1. Thanks Colleen. Baseball has always been part of my family’s life, and I’ve always liked to draw players in action.
      The Twins are indeed doing well–the Indians seem to be the only real competition. Perhaps you’ll be traveling to Minnesota for some playoff games!

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  2. You were channeling a home run swing with this drawing. I love it. It also reminds me of my grandfather, who loved baseball, and back in the 60’s, he would watch one game on TV and listen to another one on the radio, and keep them straight. While he played cards with you at the same time. Happy memory. Lovely drawing!

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