the heat breaks

the heat breaks s

sky clouds rain–
suddenly letting
go, transformed–
drunk vortex,
mélange of thunder swirling–
spilling wind water

A shadorma for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday words, kind and shift. says mélange is a synonym for kind.  I think it’s a bit of a stretch, but I love the sound of it.

the heat breaks close up s

And the storm really did break those 100 degree days into a more seasonal 80.


24 thoughts on “the heat breaks

    1. Yes, it was a wild storm but the result was good (and the roof didn’t leak, although it set off the neighbors’ fire alarms and they went off for hours until the fire department came and turned them off…)
      The thesaurus always has interesting offerings…like slant rhymes, I suppose. But I’m happy to take advantage of it from time to time.


      1. Glad the roof held. Not a particularly senisitive fire alarm!
        I use the online version because I don’t know where ours have got to. In a box somewhere. It’s pretty feeble though. I hadn’t thought of using it for rhymes.

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        1. I have an actual Thesaurus too–at least I think I do, I haven’t seen it for years. But then there are boxes of books I haven’t managed to open for the past 2 moves.


  1. Wonderful image of splashing, rain colors to cool your world. ❤ Love the idea of a drunken vortex. 🙂 We cooled off for few days and now back to the heat wave.

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  2. Oh, Kerfe, this is fabulous. I do love your choice of words. Your painted image is so spot-on for what is happening in the world too. On a side note, I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of rolling thunder and rain! It was a fabulous desert storm. ❤

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