Black Moon

black moon comp 2

black moon magnetic s

The black moon (the second new moon of the month) this week was obviously on the Oracle’s mind.

black moon close up s

sailing the language of shadow
on stormships that shine
like enchanted mist
through dark diamond skys


who speaks in the thousand tongues
of the black moon?

When I went to photograph the painting this morning, the darkness of the image made it hard to get a well-focused picture, especially, interestingly, when I tried a white background.  Light obviously has its own agenda, best to just play along.

12 thoughts on “Black Moon

  1. That black moon looks like the face of an animal about to speak. No, we don’t know a single word in any of those thousand languages.
    I noticed the moon last night. It’s a tiny sliver of a thing and it had already almost set by 11pm. It looked very bright in the last light from the setting sun, not black at all. Wonder why it’s called that?

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