August Moon

sturgeon moon s

night wears luminous
scales—I feel its pulses through
invisible nets

time resolves into kinship–
everything opened, laid bare

what has been follows
like a shadow, until it
too is discarded

stitched into shining patterns
ancient and always brand new

A double tanka in honor of August’s Sturgeon Moon for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday words, light and dark, and Frank Tassone’s #HaikiChallenge.  Also called the Red Moon, perhaps the sky will clear enough tonight so I can see it.

As many have noted, the sturgeon is an ancient and endangered species.  I was please to find we have our own Hudson River sturgeons, still hanging on.  Fishing for them was banned in 1996.


28 thoughts on “August Moon

    1. Thanks Jane. I’m surprised more water animals are not associated with the moon. The ocean and the moon are so entwined in my mind.
      The sturgeon looks as ancient as it is–definitely magical.

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  1. “scales of night” fits well when you think of night as weighing the previous day, its pulse determined by what is ancient and what is brand new, what should be respected and what should be considered worthy of the following day.

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  2. Well, Kerfe… your words always seem to speak to me. This is such a fabulous double Tanka. The scales of night… weighing the light and dark contrasting with the Sturgeon. I grew up in Wisconsin near Lake Michigan. I well remember the endeavors to save these endangered fish. As usual, you are simply brilliant!! ❤

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      1. I went on a full moon night walk with a group at the nature preserve I often visit (Pennypack Eco. Restoration Trust) and it was just magnificent – the moon going in and out of clouds, bats, and we saw a screech owl in a tree. All in the total darkness and we did not talk except when the leader stopped to show something. Just the sound of crickets and grasshoppers. Like another world.

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