Poem up at The Ekphrastic Review

rothko 3 blk s

“Silence is so accurate”—Mark Rothko

I was pleased to be included with Ken Gierke at rivrvlogr in the responses to Mark Rothko’s untitled painting with my poem “Through the Window”.

I did two paintings and one collage in response to Rothko’s painting.  His work looks simple–“a child could do it”–but it is filled with possibilities if you take the time to look.

rothko 1 wht s

stillness is white
silence is black
repression is red

Paul’s Poetry Playground coincidentally featured an invented poetry form called “The Rothko” this week, so I’ve attempted two of those as well, loosely based on the quote, above.

rothko 2 blk s

white is before
red is during
black is after

You can see Rothko’s painting, and read all the responses to it, here.  Thanks to editor Lorette Luzajic, as always, for featuring my work.


17 thoughts on “Poem up at The Ekphrastic Review

  1. All that in the darkness, all that waiting at the other side. I like your blood drawn unwillingly too. That blood does not seem happy blood to me. Well done! You and Ken have certainly got something going there 🙂

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  2. Congratulations, Kerfe, and thank you. I’m happy to be on the same page with you.
    I immediately recognized your words as I read your response – the moon (soon to pass out of sight) in that window of darkness, a vision that spills through but denies access, both as reminders of what awaits.

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      1. I agree.
        It’s interesting that you include two “Rothko” poems. I had seen Paul’s post about that form after submitting my response to The Ekphrastic Review, so I tried it. I’ll include it in my post about the Challenge responses.

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  3. Congratulations–indeed a portal. I knew the poem was yours before I read your name. There does seem to be so much in his painting. I had said to Jane that the black seems endless. Your second image makes be think of a planet moving through space. And I agree that your work and Ken’s seem to complement each other.

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