circle dance

circle dance s

circle dance magnetic

I’m a bit late to the Oracle today.  She can feel fall in the air too.

circle dance close up s

summer sleeps beneath red suns
as moons still the wind
with blue light

the day dreams of spring

dusk wanders between seasons
waiting for seeds to fall–
listening to the earth
murmuring songs which welcome



18 thoughts on “circle dance

  1. “dusk wanders between seasons” while the changes are happening. i love the wandering dusk. Your painting is a Rorschach for me. I see a wide figure in the top half standing on the head of a blue rabbit. There was a blue rabbit in one of my poems/stories lately. That little critter gets around 🙂

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        1. It’s based on a psychological test that uses abstract mirrored images–they ask people what they see, and draw conclusions from their answers. I just took the idea of the abstracted mirrored image, but it does always seem to stir the imagination just like the test.

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