reticulation s

Reassembling themselves,
they are closing the gaps,
weaving the severed limbs
into an approximation
of their original form–

 Crazy quilt rag dolls
taking deep breaths–
as if returning from a long dive,
as if tossed ashore
by the rhythm of the waves–

As if what was taken away
could be returned complete,
restored–as if the worn skin
could become brand new again–
smooth, unmarked by the usages

 Of time–the eye brightened,
cleared by swimming in seas
of remembered beginnings–
immersed and baptized, forgiven,
and then reborn again

This is a response to one of Sue Vincent’s photo prompts, above, from May of this year.  I’m not sure why I never finished it, although deciding I needed to embroider the mandala was part of it.  But I also only just revisited and revised the poem.

reticulation close up 2s

I have many many unfinished projects, and it always feels good to take one off the pile.  Now will I have time to do this weeks’ prompt?

Also linking to dVerse Open Link Night, hosted by Grace.

30 thoughts on “Reticulaton

  1. Love the stitching you added to your mandala! Gives it an interesting dimension. 😊
    I find that creating art can be healing when I go through difficult times… lately I have been struggling so I have fallen a little behind on commenting. 💗

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    1. Thanks Jill. The stitching is definitely calming for me.
      It’s hard to keep up, especially when life is overwhelming. I am always glad to see you when you can manage it! and I’m hoping Nina will return soon too.

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  2. This poem is a deep dive. patterns that catch us from the beginning of a net, but not to drag us apart, but to rejuvenate and regenerate, when the world itslef bows under its weight, it takes a deep breath, and we are exhaled into that diaspora of love and forgiveness and being. There is a symmetry to Grace’s poem this cycle… a sense that everything will collapse, only to be revelaed (Grace’s poem) and reborn (in your poem) through love. And the picture to see the spreading reticulated sky and the fields, and straw shadows… all finally lying together, in lovely kknowlege. love this.

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