harvest moon 2

harvest moon 2 close up s

we are led not by
lines, but by circles—fullness
returning, renewed

For Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #104, harvest moon.

harvest moon 2s

My internet was out for about 12 hours and there’s evidently a problem with the cable in the wall–so I can’t guarantee my presence on a day to day basis.  But it’s working for the moment, and maybe my luck will hold.


23 thoughts on “harvest moon 2

  1. Internet problems! Ours are getting worse. Every day now it goes off for a few minutes to half a day. Cable. Somewhere. Not our problem.
    Maybe if people knew that they were on a circuit and the mess they just made would come around again, they’d take more care.

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    1. I doubt that would make them any wiser.
      I don’t know what this guy did to the modem this morning, but so far so good. He couldn’t get any signals on his machine from the cables in the wall though.


      1. We’ve had the ‘technician’ out here and he only repeated the same kind of poggling about I already did. He pronounced it a big problem with the telephone company and he’d get onto it. Needless to say, no more was ever heard of it, the connection came back and flickers on and off randomly exactly as before. They haven’t a clue.

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        1. It’s true. My daughter can usually get it working again without all the pointing of fingers. She wasn’t available so I had to take my chances with the internet technicians.


          1. They always do the same things, unplug, plug back in, unplug from wall socket, dust, replug, stick a paper clip of toothpick in the little hole at the back, hold it until all the lights go off, take it out. The toothpick is the ultimate weapon. After that, you’re on your own.

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      1. I am point a to b, by nature, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay on track. And in my larger life I find that everything repeats, everything returns, people come back out of the past, I return to themes in artwork that I first used decades ago, I go back to favored pastimes and books and music. And then of course the seasons – it all revolves, rotates, whirls…

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  2. I love this–art and poem. Circles and circles and circles–it seems everything circles.
    And, of course, you know I love the moon, too. 🙂
    Hope your Internet problems get solved. It’s so annoying. For some reason, the Internet works everywhere in our house, except for our bedroom–but then sometimes it works there. This is only happened about a year ago.

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    1. Thanks Merril. As Claudia pointed out, the circles seem to be on the ascent.
      We used to exist quite well without the internet. It wasn’t even that long ago. I try to tell myself that when I panic…

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