opening the sky

steal away comp 2

opening the sky magnetic s

The Oracle gave me birds today.  I’ve resurrected the birdlings to accompany the words.  I don’t know where the real birdlings are in my disorganized office, but I have photos of their past adventures.  I used this for one of Jane Daugherty’s Yeats prompts a couple years ago.

steal away 4s

The blue jays have been drowning everyone out all summer on my street, but recently a crow has been trading barbs with them.

steal away 3s

crow and blue jay
ferociously awake morning–
linger like steel dazzled glass
devouring air

 remember who you are–
a fool for wild voices,
born naked
sailing a secret ocean
of star fever dancing

Keeping the Secret Keeper, whose words I used for Jane’s prompt, in my thoughts too.

steal away 2s



16 thoughts on “opening the sky

  1. How wonderful that the Oracle came you birds today. I love your collage, too–I remember it. And the Oracle’s message to remember who you are–and it’s funny because we just watched a movie on Netflix called Remember.
    I like crows and blue jays. There was something calling today–we couldn’t figure out what it was.

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  2. I love that collage too! The birdlings are gathering by the water after the drought. Our jays keep a low profile but the crows are bruisers. They attack the buzzards for no reason at all that I can see, chasing them and roaring at them for maybe half a mile before they give it a rest.

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