self portrait

self portrait comp

Once again
I study the lines
on this face,
depending on the angle
both parents appear.

At different
ages both of my
daughters looked
like I did
in those black and white photos
I inherited.

How do we
become who we are?
cells that form
shapes of hands,
a certain transcribed motion–
time in a mirror.

Ammol at dVerse has asked us to write a portrait poem.  In the past I’ve done a series of self-portraits in the style of other artists (with poetic accompaniment), but in this case I just took 3 recent drawings in my own style, an occasional morning exercise.

hand s

I also like to draw my hands.


26 thoughts on “self portrait

  1. It’s as much in expression as in physical characteristics, I think. Then once you ‘see’ your mother/father/uncle Billy they are there and that’s all you see.
    I think I like the hand best of all. They are so hard to draw a and this is a real hand with sinews muscles and bones.

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  2. It is certainly interesting to see ourselves and our children. My son Justin looks almost exactly like me in many of his pictures during his youth. I am adopted so I have no sense of what my parents my birth parents looked like so that lineage Is hidden from me. Enjoyed reading this Kerfe.

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  3. Those stunning line drawings are an occasional morning exercise? You’re so talented, Kerfe! I love the poem, which makes me feel as if I’m standing behind you looking into the mirror. Many people can all find traces of both parents in their reflections – I see my mother and my maternal grandmother very clearly. Everyone says my daughter looks like me, but I see her father (he left us when she was three). I compared a photo of my grandson with one of me at his age, and he has a similar smile, especially the teeth. The final stanza is perfect!

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    1. Thanks Kim. I’ve been drawing my whole life, although much less when my children were young. I used to draw everyday, and hope to get back to it eventually.
      Resemblances are often dependent on context I think. Which is what makes them so interesting.

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  4. I like your self portraits! ❤️ And your hand sketches! I see more of my parents in my face as I age. My sis looks so like my mom, it surprises me when I see her. Me, I look more like my dad or grandma. 😊

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