parameters s

The Other becomes objectified–
the truth barren, ruptured, hollow–
the path clogged and narrowing–
the pieces shot, scattered,
abandoned—the heart
fallen empty,

A nonet for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday words, empty and space.  There is so much of it that needs to be filled these days.

parameters close up s

I had a vision for this watercolor, but the paint had its own ideas.  Obviously acquainted with the Oracle.


21 thoughts on “Parameters

  1. Regarding Absence

    Whether victim of conscious decision
    or circumstance beyond control,

    if only the heart could be held
    together by the vision of what it once held.

    But the emptiness of loss is so demanding,
    so overbearing, that only time can make it whole.

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  2. I’ve read your Nonet at least ten times. Your words conjure up an image of a political figure for me. The red and black help to emphasize the emptiness of this person’s heart and soul. Your words are powerful—the divine masculine oracle has spoken. ❤

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