summoning s

songs rising, the path becomes
a spiral intersecting
the surface of forgotten
dreams, the edge of the held breath
which abides in all places,
a luminescence engraved
on the far side of the light

A sevens poem (via Jane Dougherty) for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Once again, even as I am constrained by what images I find in my collage box, they manage to take me somewhere I would not have found on my own.

summoning close up s

Also linked to OLN on dVerse, hosted by Lillian.


28 thoughts on “summoning

  1. songs rising….a path…..and a word I love (luminescence)
    “a luminescence engraved
    on the far side of the light”
    I find this poem magical.
    Can you explain to me about your collage box? I understand the idea of making a collage with a variety of images (I love how the deer almost appears to float within a magical place in your collage” but what is a collage box?

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    1. Thanks Lillian.
      I’m always cutting images and words from magazines, catalogs, books I get at used book sales, and I collect them in boxes. Then when I want to make a collage, I sift through the boxes. I seldom have a finished image in mind when I start looking, so part of the process is the gradual revelation of something I didn’t expect to find.

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  2. I really like ” the edge of the held breath, which abides in all places.” To me it speaks of the Universal which really resonates with me. Lovely. And I’ve often been drawn to collage and wonder why I haven’t ever given it a try…yours is beautiful.
    Gayle ~

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  3. This is such a beautiful poem I can see it spiraling out of the collage and/or into it. I can’t pick out a favorite phrase or line because it flows together so perfectly and the whole thing is just perfect. You’ve captured the essence of what it feels to suddenly and unexpectedly catch a glimpse of the wild and just for a second belong to it again.

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