the answer to all of your questions

the answer s

it is not
forever not
everlasting neither
early nor late–
it is not never
not now

it’s located where
it can’t be seen
but it is not lost–
just somewhere
that is nowhere
or perhaps elsewhere

it’s a series of endless
clues in a game
without an end–
a spiral upended
down into
bottomless time

it returns
from nevermore
to anywhere–
ending up as
it began–wherever

A poem using the repetitive technique of polyptoton, the challenge from Frank at dVerse, for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

the answer close up s

I tend to use a lot of repetition, but not exactly in this way.  An interesting exercise.


38 thoughts on “the answer to all of your questions

  1. Many polyptotons here on ‘ever’, ‘end’ , ‘now’ and ‘where’.

    I like the red circle with darkish background and the contrast in brightness of the colors. There is something about a circle that focuses attention.

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  2. Swirling flames of obsfucation. This reminds me of Frank Prem’s poetry. It is saying nothing but it is saying everything that needs to be said. I knew you would come up with something fantastic for this.

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