what is lost

searching s

searching magnetic scan s

The birdlings have been lost since my last move.  I didn’t make the connection between the Oracle’s message and finding them yesterday until I started thinking about art to accompany it.

birdling 3s

Reason and bearings are still lost

birdling 2s

but my family and friends are always there

what is lost

tell me to believe
the promise of wings
threaded between star and sky

the language of voices
belonging together

we receive each other as gifts
remembering the dreams
that fill rivers with shared songs

birdling 1s


18 thoughts on “what is lost

    1. Thanks Jane. I was looking for something else and there they were. A gift from the Oracle to go with Her words.
      I’m glad to hear your voice. The world is heavy and it’s always welcome.

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  1. So many beautiful lines here. “The promise of wings. . .” is so beautiful, and that last stanza. The Oracle was definitely giving you a message. I’m glad you found the birdlings.
    My subconscious (or perhaps the Oracle) was definitely giving me messages just before I woke today.

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