blessings s

the reckless places
hidden in
hearts, shining
like newborn constellations
exploding the dark–

pulled apart
by merciless force,
adrift in the orbits
of recurrent night—

what creates
these seas of hope?–light
ships sailing
on longing–
circumnavigations of
storms searching for ports

blessings close up s

A shadorma chain for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday words, grace and style, inspired by Amaya at dVerse, who asked us to think about birth.

blessings close up 2s

I’m definitely a storm searching for a port at the moment, so I’ll be around irregularly for awhile, but I won’t completely disappear.

33 thoughts on “blessings

  1. Interesting! As if the constellations and seas of hope are created AS A RESULT OF the longing and seeking for them. I never believed we could create something just by wishing for it, but your poem does present that theory in a different light. I hope you find your port…


  2. Somehow I missed this one, but it’s stunning: birth of stars, seas of hope, and light ships. And your art is beautiful. I hope you’re able to board one of those light ships and sail into the port you desire.


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