Galaxy Girl

postcard 9s

Linda at dVerse is looking for surrealistic poetry.  The collage box Oracle is always ready to offer a surreal commentary on life.  But this prompt also made me think of poetry generators–there are so many online now.  I decided to take my poem and plug its words into a few of them.

the world of the future
returns to galaxy girl


ominous city
a rosy red lips returns
by the galaxy


I pretend to return
I feel unidentified
I touch the future
I worry the world
I cry galaxies
I am a girl

and from one I’ve used a lot in the past:

The world walks like a cold galaxy.
Where is the light window?
The dark sidewalk invisibly identifys the girl.
The big window silently desires the galaxy.

There are lots more to try–just type in “poetry generator” and be prepared to eat up a lot of time…

My altered postcard is of the Smithfield St Bridge in Pittsburgh, from a poster by Lantern Press.





26 thoughts on “Galaxy Girl

    1. Not everything labeled surrealism is good. Or any kind of “art” for that matter. The good stuff I think is firmly planted on the edges–you can get it but often there’s no way to describe it.


      1. That sounds about right. It’s easy to slip into the trite and cheesy or the already-read-that. It has to be original thought presented in a way that makes the reader take notice and think about it. Too easy and the eye just wanders, turns the page.

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    1. somehow you got put in spam, but I’ve rescued you.
      My original poem was the one at the top, composed as a collage. Each generator works differently–sometimes they ask for specific kinds of words, or sometimes just one word and then they ask for descriptive words. Some are easier to figure out than others, but they are all programmed differently. I used to use one where you put in your poem and they would generate something different, but I couldn’t find it in the first few sites that came up on Google. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere though.


      1. Thanks, Memad..I was having WP problems that day. My pingbacks didn’t work and you were not the only site that put me in spam. Seems okay now, though. Thanks for your reply. I liked your original poem the best!


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