snow gardens

snow gardens s

snow gardens magnetic s

I consulted the Oracle about Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  I’m not ready for snow, but a snow garden is a nice thought.

snow gardens close up s

light frosts earth’s shining
treepaths, following dawnsong
through fresh snow gardens

winter listens deep, breathing
sun secrets to spiritwinds


15 thoughts on “snow gardens

  1. The sun is shining at this moment. I also like the idea of a snow garden. You’ve captured the lovely photo with a beautiful rendering that looks good close up or far away. The Oracle gave you a good one also 🙂

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      1. We get a bit of frost here but no snow. Many of the trees keep their leaves, some red ones, all winter. Last year it didn’t even rain. Winter magic is something I remember from childhood growing up in the chilly north.

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