blessing s

We gather together. We close our eyes, unlearning the darkness.

We are listening to what happens. When we don’t interfere, when we let go, unbe, untry.  When we release our expectations.

We hold everything as if it weighed nothing, as if it could fit into anything at all.

What we are.  Not what we think.  Not what we want.  Not what we fear.

The stillness of grace,
carried by stars on the wings
of birds.  We listen.

For a trio of prompts–Frank asked for thoughts about Thanksgiving in his #haikai challenge this week, and for thoughts about gratitude in his haibun prompt for dVerse.  Colleen  in her #TankaTuesday prompt also referred to the theme of Thanksgiving.

blessing close up s

Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ was loud and chaotic–numerous adults and sometimes 11 children vying for attention.

But we never ate any meal at their house without first becoming quiet and giving thanks.  It’s a ritual that perhaps deserves a revival.

26 thoughts on “blessing

  1. A true meditation on gratitude and just living in the season’s moment, Kerfe. I love your words on so many levels. Your image speaks of the ancestors, and I detect the bones of the past. It’s like a Rorschach test, they leap out at me. ❤

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  2. What a beautiful poem, Kerfe. So expansive. And your memories of Thanksgiving at your grandparents are just what the holiday should be (in my mind) – a quiet reflection on the gifts of life and a chaotic and joyous celebration of love. Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Lovely haiku, Kerfe! 💗
    When we were younger and gathered together with family, we each said something we were thankful for before we ate dinner. I agree with you, it is good to give thanks – especially now in such a busy world! 😊

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