illusion close up s

I saw the sun opening
the sky—and I thought
you were meant to be
rooted in my breath

I wanted you to be
 the glowing light,
a reflection of colors
echoing the unknown

I thought you were
the songs of soft radiant
birded air, a melody
surrounding me

I imagined beautiful
patterns like tattoos,
shapes of the infinite
in your eyes

But you are not
a mirror of my visions–
I hold a map
to what isn’t there

An apostrophe poem, as prompted by Amaya at dVerse, for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt above.  Also strongly influenced by Jane Dougherty’s response to Sue’s photo.

illusion s

29 thoughts on “Illusion

          1. Thank you. I’ve been told my stories are too complex (?) and I was afraid that even stripping back the number of POV to one, and the plethora of main characters to two, the concept might be considered ‘difficult’. We’ll see.

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              1. Thank you. I think what she and countless others apparently find hard to cope with is a big cast of characters. The writing is clear enough, they say, but the story is too big. Everyone’s mileage is different, I suppose.

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                1. Caroline and I were talking about books with a large cast of characters yersterday. It’s a process of getting to know them, just like it is in life. We both like it.


                  1. I know writers are never supposed to say, but JK Rowling, when they are told their book is too long for a first novel, but I have to say that in terms of fantasy, there has been no more popular recent fantasy series than Song of Ice and Fire and that has a huge rambling cast of characters. The reply would probably be, yeah well you’re not GRR Martin, are you?

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  1. I like the thought of having a map of what isn’t there. I also liked that dark shape in the top watercolor that seemed to change through the different layers and have tentacles reaching out into the surrounding colors.

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  2. That painting was perfect to accompany this piece on coming to terms with loss. The loss of what we never had but hoped for can be even more painful and hard to overcome. I like thinking of your poem in the context of relationships and how we wisely ought never to expect someone to fulfill our ideal of him/her. Great poem, Kerfe.

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    1. Thanks Amaya. Unfulfilled expectations do leave an emptiness that’s different than losing something tangible. It’s hard to live without projecting possibilities though.


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