hologram 1s

Have you listened to the night sky
opening yourself wide
to let it echo through you?
Have you tasted the stars?

Opening yourself wide
have your eyes become mirrors?
Have you tasted the stars,
your veins glowing?

Have your eyes become mirrors
of infinite silences,
your veins glowing,
drunk with the darkness

of infinite silences?
Have you been pulled,
drunk with the darkness,
into luminous trajectories ?

Have you been pulled,
revisiting the returning
of luminous trajectories,
forever somewhere else?

Have you revisited the returning–
let it echo through you
forever as somewhere else?
have you listened to the night sky?

hologram 1 close up s

This is the first of two similar pantoums I composed for Merril’s dVerse echo theme.  The art is from the archives.

hologram 2 close up s

As you may have noticed, I like the repetition and echoing in the pantoum form, and the way it circles back on itself.  You may have also noticed I often write about the night sky, the stars, and the moon, often assisted by the Oracle.  Merril and Jane, who are also acquainted with the Oracle, told me not to read their poems until I had composed my own, but I’m guessing stars appear in theirs somewhere too.

hologram 2s

Of course stars echo in light!

21 thoughts on “Hologram

  1. Of course stars echo the light! Thank you for taking the time for this. It’s not as close as mine and Jane’s, but yes stars. But what is funny–is this morning I was thinking about how I hadn’t written a pantoum in a while, and I should write one soon. . .so there is that. 🙂
    I like the questioning in this, and my poem does talk about the whys and ifs.

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  2. Yes, stars and night sky. As I hinted earlier, neither Merril nor I worked out a proper form, we just let fly and the poems ended up very similar. Maybe if we’d taken the time, the poems would have been pantoums too.

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