into itself

into itself s

winter leaves, overlapping
with cold wind, rain,
clouds that permeate

each every day
footsteps too heavy
to follow another

enclosed in lethargy,
the hours devoid
of song, stagnant

from here to anywhere,
held in pause–
each day a tunnel

searching for openings–

A quadrille for Lillian at dVerse, using the word glow.

into itself close up 1s

I always like to photograph my art in natural light, but it’s so dark here today, I also did some with the overhead light on.  It gives everything a yellow tone, and doesn’t show the subtle shifts in the color any better.  Maybe they’re too subtle.



29 thoughts on “into itself

  1. I like the progression in this poem, Kerfe, from the everyday wintry depression and lethargy to the final glow. I miss the glow of autumn, the way the sun gets lower in the sky and the beautiful foliage. Bare branches are interesting but not as beautiful.

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  2. I can feel the heaviness. I do feel so lethargic this time of year, especially when the days are cloudy or rainy, too. But then sunmoonstars do try to shine through–and sometimes it helps when we see them–even faintly.

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  3. Either I read it or someone told me when you’re in dire straits, look for small movements. I believe this is true. May you discern small movements, steps towards another path with more light.

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