January 2020

january 2020 s

jan 2020 news words s

My January grid turned out to be a circle.  The words were taken from a NY Times section that summarized the 2019 year’s top stories.  I tried to take all the negativity and give it a more positive spin.

january 2020 grid close up s

 The birds may have been climate-changed out of their respective states, but they are still here.

memories conjured
in opposite images
balance transition

anything can be portaled
where borders cross into birds

12 thoughts on “January 2020

  1. A thoroughly inspiring twist! I came into the new year feeling as if my vision has been altered in some indefinable but useful way, and this post speaks to me on that level. Wishing you peace and inspiration in the months and decade to come!

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  2. I like it. These new year energies are veryyy strong. The black birds against the orrange sky iis a hugely powerful symbol. It really resonates with me.

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