deficits s

the world gives me wide berth
as its sharp edges leave cuts in my flesh

passing by in starts and stops
a broken narrative without a plot line

I cannot remain but where I am
fits nowhere leaves no mark

feeding me endless empty words
that catch my throat and heart

I am alone

standing still shouting
an unnamed beast

trying to wake those lost strangers
hidden inside the shrinking circle

too many voices fallen silent
too many gaps grown between

what is left to be
sacred to be denied

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

deficits close up s

30 thoughts on “deficits

  1. Yes, I agree with the previous comment. Let the light shine into you darkness.. Look for beauty and find solace. These are difficult and dangerous tImes yet it could well be that the old is dying to make rom for the new.

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      1. It’s not easy to face our own darkness but letting the light in can show us where we have become stuck. I thought after I commented that I really hope you find the way to move forward in your life. You have such great creative talent it would be so sad to see you getting lost in darkness. Look for beauty. I found it a potent tool that pulled me out of a very dark and hopeless time in my own life.

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