star light star bright

the star tarot s

raise me up
with words with singing
shout me out
pull me free
of the faceless gravity
escapeless vortex

return me
to a calmer sea
gentle winds
to nourish
star skies opening wing-filled

give to me
a landing some place
solid ground
to answer
when I call from where I wait

the star girl s

I once had an idea to do my own set of collage Tarot cards.  I started with zero, The Fool, which I’ve done a number of times since.  Over the years I’ve also done a few others–The Tower, the Ace of Cups.  This moment in time seems to me to call out for The Star, the beacon of renewal, hope, and faith that follows the disintegrating Tower in the Tarot deck.

the star venus s

My windows face east, and in the clear early mornings I can see Venus.  The other day, next to her, the half moon shone large and bright over the silhouettes of the buildings across the subway tracks, both anchor and comfort in a world increasingly restricted and isolated.

Linked to dVerse OLN, hosted by Grace.

39 thoughts on “star light star bright

  1. I like the notion we should/will be/are destinationless. We struggle for control and understanding, and find that one lifetime is too short for us to make sense out of our own creation.

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  2. ‘Star light, star bright, you’ve got the loving that I like…’ (Joni Mitchell, ‘This Flight Tonight’ from my favourite album!)
    This is a stunning poem, Kerfe, and I love the artwork you shared with it. I especially enjoyed the thought of being returned
    ‘to a calmer sea
    gentle winds
    to nourish
    star skies opening wing-filled
    The Star is apt for the current situation, we need a ‘beacon of renewal, hope, and faith’.

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  3. Your collage is a bright star indeed. So cool to know is is part of your growing tarot collection. I’ve little to no knowledge of tarot cards but the marketer in me says when you complete the deck you can reproduce sets to sell.

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