as the crow flies

as the crow flies s

a world built of stories to dream upon–
paths to follow like rivers to the sea–
ancient horizons that stretch on and on

bordered by waves that mirror wings—a bird
reciprocating every single breath
released to the wind—a sounding, a word,

a sky that keeps its time adrift, at bay–
speaking in unknown tongues, beyond all sound–
silence that pivots both toward and away

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above, an attempt at the dVerse challenge from Laura to use 3 rhyme sets from poet Raymond Garlick in 10 syllable lines.  My rhythm is definitely not pentameter, although it is 10 syllabled.  I think that requires more distinctly separate lines.

as the crow close up s

This is my first watercolor in quite awhile, definitely since I moved as I unpacked the paints and brushes just this morning.  It felt good to get back to it.

36 thoughts on “as the crow flies

  1. A liberating pair of works for this period of time, thank you! The feeling of time adrift and at bay is palpable. And I’m so happy you’ve settled enough now to get the brushes out again. Also, in the center of the watercolor, the main break in the clouds, I see a blue eye looking up, alert but dispassionate, at whatever’s coming next.

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  2. “…Speaking in unknown tongues, beyond all sound…” that we sense intuitively, open to the invisible vibrations all around us. Hope you are getting nicely settled after your move. Wish you well, Kerfe.

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