(in a) material world

material world tree s

If I could disguise
myself as a tree—ancient,
unnoticed, unknown–

when all was wild
each day began

alive, encircled
by the present
all was strangely itself

taking refuge
without before or after
neither first nor last

accepting changes
as intrinsic
to what is

a dance
always balanced between
darkness and light

material world tree close up s

Mish, at dVerse, asked us to talk about what has been revealed to us by our present isolation.  I try to write a bit each morning and this was composed from fragments in my current notebook.

The art is from my continuing series inspired by Joan Mitchell’s trees.

18 thoughts on “(in a) material world

  1. I love this, and know what you’re saying to my marrow: ‘when all was wild/ unruled/ each day began/ alive, encircled/ by the present/ all was strangely itself.’
    If only humans could remember how it is to feel this way. Blessings.

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  2. An amazing poem, Kerfe. I would happily be a tree. I love the thought of
    ‘taking refuge
    without before or after
    neither first nor last’
    and the dance
    ‘always balanced between
    darkness and light’.

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