shadow hand 4s

these surfaces
where time meets
space, reflecting

upon what?  faded backdrops
absorb the opening when

shadowed by the hand–
as constructed

narratives—so small and so
incompletely, barely, cast

hand shadow 2s

For dVerse, Frank asked us to compose a poem ending with a couplet.

21 thoughts on “distancing

  1. There is so much to this, Kerfe. I almost as obsessed with shadows as I am reflections. They seem related–a sort of alternate world. But this–our small lives–hands reaching out into time and space. I really like words and image.

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  2. Did you know, “Each shadow has 3 different areas: the umbra, the penumbra, and the antumbra.” There is a story in the Chuang Tzu that talks about the Penumbra and your photos and poems made me think of it. You’re onto something here, K. An altered, viable state of reality.

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