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After not venturing outside at all for weeks, I finally worked up the courage to take the elevator down to the basement and exit the back door, crossing the street to the park.  My apartment windows face Broadway and the view this weekend was especially chilly and grey.

I figured the bitter wind and drizzle, plus the early hour, would keep the walkway fairly empty, and I was right.  A few joggers, some dog walkers, a man with a shopping cart.

I could hear robins, and then two appeared on the path right in front of me.  I was in a different time and space.  The world had been returned to me in color, at least for half an hour on a Sunday morning.

outside it’s spring–
inside winter remains
trapped, unending

spring comp sFor Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #132, Coronavirus.

27 thoughts on “weather report

  1. Must have been really nice to get out for a bit, Kerfe. I don’t go out much either, other than the grocery store. My balcony provides a lot of fresh air when I need it. What city is this?

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  2. Absolutely beautiful. You have inspired me to get out and cross the road and walk around my local park today. I’ve been trapped in this house and my own head for too long now…

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  3. What’s that quote about entertaining angels unaware? In this case, two angels entertained you. So glad you got out into the fresh air. Yes, it does feel like unending winter inside.

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  4. I’ve gone out for exactly three walks since this began. The colors each time were as precious as the rare smiles (and rarer still, words) from solitary strangers… No forsythia here yet — but the crocus and scilla are telling me I don’t have long to wait!

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  5. I’m so glad you were able to get out. I think I would be feeling a bit trapped, too, if I lived in a city apartment. The haiku is powerful, but this is the sentence that stood out: “The world had been returned to me in color” with the soundtrack of robins.

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