I consider rivers

i consider rivers s

Interiors are slowly
folding in—where do they go?–
invisibly departing
with each new exhalation
of air, to be reflected
in the afternoon sun, held
light on the wing of a bird,

to travel with the rivers,
following liquid paths that
enjoin our lost ways to sing,
reaching beyond the other
side, to become vast, unmapped,
unlocated everywhere–
to be cast out, opening–

What is it we seek?–the stuff
that accumulates, broken,
unrepairable, layered
over landscapes unable
to breathe? or will we become
unclenched, holding nothing but
earth wrapped up in endless sky?

I consider rivers close up s

Frank at dVerse challenged us to write a 7 line poem with a positive feeling.  I’m not sure this exactly meets the positive bar, but it’s headed more that way than a lot of what I’ve recently written.  I also used 7 syllables in each line, which I seem to remember as a form I saw somewhere, although I can’t remember where.

This is also my offering, off prompt, for NaPoWriMo.  Art inspired by Diebenkorn.




22 thoughts on “I consider rivers

  1. reflected
    in the afternoon sun, held
    light on the wing of a bird

    The poem’s not only positive, this is positively beautiful ❤ And that artwork that goes with it! I needed this desperately today, it's lovely Kerfe!

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  2. Ah yes, to emerge “unclenched”, wouldn’t/won’t that be a joy? Glaciers melting, rivers forging further inland, seaports sinking…and all that waiting for us to get after it post Covid-19

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  3. I feel you weaving a spell and a vision of transformation. The question of holding on so tight is a good one. The idea of letting go is both exciting and scary. The first thing I thought of when I looked at your artwork was a great tree, but after reading, it looks like a great river.

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    1. It looked like a tree to me when I painted it, but also seemed to become a river when I paired it with my words. Both have branches after all. Maybe a reminder to expand our vision too.

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  4. You’ve cubed the magical number seven, Kerfe, with seven lines and seven syllables. I love the way you start with interiors slowly folding in and end with ‘earth wrapped up in endless sky’. The seven-syllable lines evoke the rise and fall of breathing. I particularly like:
    ‘each new exhalation
    of air, to be reflected
    in the afternoon sun, held
    light on the wing of a bird’.

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