magic carpet

magic carpet ride close up s

magic carpet ride magnetic

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt. based on the concept of the language of flowers, fit perfectly with Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, below.  Fields of bluebells belong to the fairies.

Once again, I did a watercolor ground and then a separate watercolor for the trees, which I cut apart and placed on the ground.  Then I consulted with the Oracle.  She did not disappoint.

magic carpet ground close up s

ghostlight lingers blue
sailing haunted on flowersong
surrounded by magic

the listening voices of trees

here fools fly starborn
dancing like angels
into the sacred rhythms
of earth


18 thoughts on “magic carpet

  1. This is so wonderful, Kerfe. i agree it is magical, the ghostlight and listening to trees. I love the blue, green, violet shades in your art–and the music, too
    Joan Baez and Mary Black–and I have this song on an album. It was good to see the video.

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  2. The trees seem subject to magic too in this image — it’s nice to unroot and float every now and then. ^_^ And I cast my lot in with the starborn fools!

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