Another Thirteen Days

apolcalyptic crow 2s

Crow sits
in the back
of my mind,

insistent call
for the source.

Crow exists as a continuation–
night overlapping with day.

printed geese 2s

Dark shapes,
constant motion.
Behind my eyes,
constant motion.

I do not know which to prefer,
black branches
or the hint of green,
the waiting
or the surprise.

Wings cross the sky
of my isolation,
weaving through wind
rattling the glass,
between my longing
and the possibility of flight.

There's a crow flying # if I flew

Am I rising or setting?
Can light return
me to my rhythms,
or will only darkness come
to fulfill my desires?

I send messages
by breathing,
by listening
through the silences
of birds.

I mark the edges
with the songs
of memory.

crow #1s

The sky reflects
on the questions
that weave my solitude
with songs.

I walk the landscapes
of the unseen,
holding the fear
of endings
in the shadows
of glittering eyes.

spiral crows 2s

The sun rises above the roof.
Crow calls me to attention.

The days remain
Like the blackbird,

13 blackbirds s

The NaPoWriMo Day 14 prompt asks for a poem that “deals with the poems, poets, and other people who inspired you to write poems” .  I return often to Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”.  Every time it opens new doors.  And Joni…

I have done numerous poems and works of art involving crows, and a selection of the art appears amidst the stanzas above.


this is the place s

17 thoughts on “Another Thirteen Days

  1. I love this, Kerfe. The crows know. I love watching them.
    I like Stevens’ poem, too, and your poem has so many layers, so much to think about. The crow art is marvelous, too. I particularly love the one above Joni–it seems purposeful, but somehow hopeful or joyful, too. I guess the background reminds me of both sky and sea, but the colors are shades that make my heart sing–I guess it’s the way I feel when I look up at a blue sky and the crows flying there.

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    1. That’s the oldest collage here. I did it when my older daughter was in middle school, putting together a portfolio for high school applications (she’s 35 now…) We did art together in the evening. It’s the one here that’s directly inspired by Stevens too. I have it framed, somewhere in storage. Someday it will be on my wall again. In the meantime, Crow paid me a visit again today, at least vocally–I couldn’t locate where he was outside.

      Liked by 1 person

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