Blues and Greys

blues and greys s

I been traveling with the days from blue to grey,
my self merging with the days from blue to grey–
seems like colors all got lost, can’t find their way

Every day the subway rumbles past outside,
going uptown downtown rambles past outside–
filled with weary riders, got no place to hide

In the dawn sometimes I hear the robins sing,
waking up I listen, hear those robins sing—
between blues and greys they’re telling me it’s spring

I keep worrying each day from blue to grey,
breathing in and out the days from blue to grey–
like the colors, feeling lost, can’t find my way

blues and greys close up s

The NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 15 is to “write a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music”.  I like all kinds of music, but I think nearly all popular music today has its roots in the blues.


Art inspired by Matisse.

16 thoughts on “Blues and Greys

      1. Out in nature away from the people the colours are soft and quite mystical at present. Maybe when this is over you will be able to take a visit to some wild place. It’s very healing. All the best to you there in New York. Be strong and stay well. ❤ Suzanne

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  1. Kerfe, when I look at this I see a figure — you — standing in the center with your arm out. The robin is perched on your arm and reaching you through its song. The reds are the lively bits between you and the robin and the greens and yellows are creeping back in. Together, searching, you’ll find more color.

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  2. Can you put a scarf over your nose and mouth and go out for a walk? Will they fine you if you do? You need to get out and get somewhere. Can you get to Marble Hill from where you’re at? One of the A2Z bloggers highlighted the area today and it looks like a place where you could find some color ❤

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    1. I’ve used a scarf and a hood that pulls up over my mouth to go out a few times, on drizzly days when few people are out. Marble Hill is very far away. Riverside Park is nearby, but the paths are not that wide, so it’s only good if few people are out. We are also supposed to avoid elevators, so that limits movement as well. I see less and less people out on Broadway. Fear is a big barrier for all of us I think.

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