come away

safe passages s

the sounds are shifting
words that grow
wings but also
roots trees full
of birds

except for chords
that travel wavelike
from synapse to synapse
thought into song

is this what makes us
is this the net
that shivers our bones
pulses our fingers
like strings

vibrations calling
to the empty spaces
that swallow us
and make us

safe passages close up s

I was inspired today by Shuku’s post yesterday at The Great Unknown with its wild magical sounds.  Off prompt for NaPoWriMo Day 16.


Also linking to dVerse OLN hosted by Lillian.

30 thoughts on “come away

  1. !!!! THAT COLLAGE. It is gorgeous! And awww thank you, I am honoured and thrilled that the poem inspired you (I was just experimenting with the bathroom muses as it were!)
    words that grow
    wings but also

    Now THIS inspires me, what a lovely, lovely image! ❤

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  2. I feel the collage is a visual representation of the orderliness of existence that we cannot see, being too close to it. And your words, as always – I like the tree references and once again, the sense of stability a tree gives.

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  3. A challenging, yet satisfying piece. Your last stanza puts me in mind of “the music of the spheres”. I. too, love any “words that grow wings”.

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  4. I love that lattice cut overlaid on the emptiness, then filled with life. Your poem and your collage are a perfect mirror to each other. I think of that song by Talking Heads, “Wild Life” as I look at the collage. I can see where Shuku’s sound effect poem could inspire. This is the 2nd time I heard Albatross today. The first was at badfinger20’s post on the Peter Green days of Fleetwood Mac.

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  5. I love the collage, Kerfe, and the poem, the way t starts and ends with sounds, everything is moving and evolving. taking flight, and the lines:
    is this what makes us
    ‘is this the net
    that shivers our bones
    pulses our fingers
    like strings’.

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    1. I am lucky that my birds and trees afford me glimpses of the river at least. Perhaps I will venture down to it one of these days. I’m still just sticking to the path along the outer edge of the park.

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