Red 1797

red 1797

When I worked as a textile designer in the 70s and 80s I spent a lot of time matching Pantone color paper to customer colors and hand cutting and pasting stripe designs.  So when I saw a box set of 100 Pantone postcards nostalgia made me buy it.  I’ve done my poem for today on red 1797, above.  I’m sure these postcards, and every other kind of commercial design now being done, is computer-generated.  So much more accurate!  And quick!

But I still like to work with my hands.

The poem itself has nothing to do with technology (the NaPoWriMo day 17 prompt is to “write a poem that features forgotten technology”), but I turned it into a haiku chain of sorts for International Haiku Poetry Day.

the matter
of etcetera–where

it go?
where does it

what follows
can’t be predicted…

And a little red retro music too.


13 thoughts on “Red 1797

      1. Yes, I can see that. I find myself thinking back to fabric work now, as I think I have said. I’m getting the itch to print on fabric. Oh dear. Where is that coming from? Your post reminded me.


  1. Haha, what a brilliant tune, first time I hear it. And I love the poem and how it is laid out. I used to create postcards in this way with my sister. Oh, what fun that was. And I can only try to imagine the clothes that you have designed. 😮 Art wear!

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