mad enchantment

mad enchantment mandala s

mad enchantment s

mad enchantment–
a swarm, a flock, a host–
winged spirits

Bjorn has us going through out bookshelves for his dVerse prompt.  I brought very few books to my temporary apartment, thinking I would make frequent visits to the library.  Most of what is here are art books with exiting titles like “Matisse” or “Chagall”.  Still, I managed to put together a haiku-like book poem.

mad mandala close up s

Then I did one with CDs, which offered a better selection.

wise up ghost s

Wise up ghost:
I’m not there.
Life’s too short.



34 thoughts on “mad enchantment

      1. Simple and straightforward seeming but then there is more under the surface. That is what I hope for Little vines. Really, for everything I write. I believe this poem does exactly that – you have put a lot in a few words and it sticks with me.

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  1. The painting looks like a mad enchantment, and the 2nd poem is a dispeller. Never heard that Elvis Costello song before. It’s a good one. How long will you be in your temporary place?

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    1. I was hoping just till the fall, but the virus has thrown everything into the unknown. I have no idea now.
      Elvis has done so much music, it’s hard to know all of it. But I like his collaboration with the Roots a lot.

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  2. I liked your double-dipping. The CD list works best for me…Ladies of the canyon love a madman across the water wearing a famous blue raincoat, right?

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