as you like it

moonlit shadows s

“All the world’s a stage…”

I was not even born then, and yet I remember it well.  In colorized black and white, that moment—where is it now?  It disappeared while we were somewhere over the rainbow.

Those were the days!—drowning in background music, we listened for cues, trying to follow the footlights through the portal.  We wanted to capture that perfect world, inhabit it, pretend it into now and forever.

How do we measure a time that never was?  We continue as dreams, a montage of cinematic stillness, myth disguised as memory.  A voice calls from behind the curtain—is that me?  Is that you?  We rehearse our scripts of storied pasts, fools exposed by darkness, shadows of artificial light.

searching for signs
we adjust our eyes–
crow in a cherry tree

shadow s

For NaPoWriMo Day 27, I’ve used the prompt from Frank at dVerse to write a haibun inspired by either Shakespeare or Basho.

Stephen Sondheim turned 90 this year.  Another master.


ms faces s

I’ve taken the art from my archives.

23 thoughts on “as you like it

  1. As an ex-actor, turned teacher, then poet, I appreciate your tribute to theater and the Bard. As abstract and clunky as a play can be, there is a power generated by the reciprocity between performers and the audience

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  2. kaykuala

    We rehearse our scripts of storied pasts,
    fools exposed by darkness, shadows of artificial light.

    Very good close Kerfe. We made discoveries of how very spectacular the works of the Bard that we could see how enormous and all encompassing they are after going through them!


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  3. Past and present–the power of theater. It reflects our lives, and we interpret it through our own lenses. Wonderful, Kerfe–Shakespeare, Sondheim–and perhaps a nod to Chekhov with the cherry trees.

    Did you watch the Sondheim tribute? I gave up after an hour, but I heard it was fabulous once it did finally come on. I’ll watch the recording.

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    1. Thanks Merril. The experience of audience and performance is indeed powerful, and keeps resonating. There is nothing like live theater.
      I keep forgetting when things are on…I’m terrible with time right now, never one of my strong points anyway. But I hope to see some of it at least.

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  4. I love the way you paint Shakespeare’s drama, Kerfe, the drowning in background music and listening for cues, a swirl of activity and sound. Whether live in a theatre or an outside performance, or captured on film, it is a ‘myth disguised as memory’. You brought the upstart crow and Basho together deftly in the haiku.

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  5. “How do we measure a time that never was?” I spend a lot time and lines trying to do that, and I don’t know the answer. Very thoughtful piece that wevaes in the presence of the Bard.

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