interchange s

interchange magnetic

Some thoughts from the Oracle about Sue Vincent’s photo prompt above.  The photo looked familiar so I searched through my archives and found my previous response.  The painting I did was quite different, but the words seem eerily applicable to my present relationship to the world–“this false night, this held breath”.  Am I who I was before?

Incompletion s

am I who I was
the ocean remembered me?–
only a fool’s voice
sailing blue—

I listen for the words
of cloud magic
to open this asking path
into the dancing skies of always

interchange close up s

26 thoughts on “interchange

  1. Thoughtful probing from the Oracle “Am I who I was before?” I think I’ve been listening for words of cloud magic, too. I agree with Jade and Sue–sea critters and changing moment to moment like the sea.

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      1. I used to be such a perfectionist, the way I was raised, so pen and ink or pencil suited me fine. Then I graduated to charcoal pastels. Now I played with watercolors now and again, tho they can confuse me because of exactly what you say. So I usually mix the media. I’ll get there yet! 😝

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          1. Yes. Though my primary passion/expression of my art is landscaping and home design. Though I love stained glass when the inspiration hits. I just picked up watercolor pens again for the first time in a long time. Life! 😍 so you know, I can love the art other people create. It gives me great pleasure to see it. Glad I found you on wp!

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