overtures s

Would you be crowned with jewels
or a garland of blooms?
a silence eternal or fleeting?

Would you seek a throne
or a resting place between?
a looking out or within?

perhaps a bed of meadow,
a ceiling of stars–
the earth beneath you—

Would you always be as you are?
or would you have your seasons,
knowing that change contains

both sweetness and sting—
that life gathers
in anticipation of emptying—

that everything constructs
the form that contains
its end?

More questions, for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

overtures close up s

Also linking to dVerse OLN, hosted by Mish.

52 thoughts on “Overtures

  1. Your last line is killer, literally. Metaphysics tells us to look within and without, that the solution to everything is an inside job, but out there in the cold nothing lies a billion billion solar systems, and multi-overlapping dimensions to boot.

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  2. Great use of rhetorical questions and alternatives to engage your reader, Kerfe. Looking out or within is a difficult choice, although I think I’d like to have my seasons.

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  3. I like the way this poem has a simplicity that contains such philosophical depth
    And in particular these lines with the contrasts
    both sweetness and sting—
    that life gathers
    in anticipation of emptying—

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  4. I think of these as question to Mankind and to Mother Earth. Would she have things as they could be with our absence, and would we have these while knowing they could only be achieved with our absence?

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  5. Change indeed contains sweetness and sting .. and often what we determine is sting leads to sweetness! I loved your idle thoughts and ponders!

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  6. I enjoy your questions again–the circles of life–and this hit home, that there’s no joy without sorrow or life without death–
    “both sweetness and sting—
    that life gathers
    in anticipation of emptying”

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