rebirthing s

falling down
like water–
to begin again,
cross over–

like water
waiting to be
crossed over,

waiting to be
drowning in flowers,

in dreams,
drowning in flowers–
fix the bridge–

in dreams
we begin again–
fix the bridge
falling down

rebirthing close up 2 s

De provided the word “fix” for our quadrille prompt at dVerse.

rebirthing close up s

I wanted to see if I could do a pantoum in just 44 words.

25 thoughts on “rebirthing

  1. A mixed collage to match your mixed pantoum-quadrille. Kerfe! I love both, especially the way the pantoum cascades like a little waterfall. The use of the continuous verbs ‘waiting… awakening… drowning’ gives the feeling of being suspended or buoyed up until ‘drowning in flowers’ in the following stanza.

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