the lights went out

th lights went out s

Broadway is dark now, vacant.  The only lights to be seen shine out of hastily abandoned office windows, or from traffic lights that change for invisible crowds.

Makeshift stages shrink to fit into screens, the audience now virtual.  Dreams stand still, waiting between hope and grief.

dancing voices pause–
forever on the verge of
opening to spring

the lights went out close up s

Billy Joel wrote this song in 1976, inspired by the NY Daily News Headline “Ford to City:  Drop Dead”.  And in 2020 we have a parallel line:  “Trump to New York:  Drop Dead”.

But we’ll be back.

For dVerse Haibun Monday, hosted by Kim.  We’re thinking about Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie‘.

32 thoughts on “the lights went out

  1. Like me, you kept NYC and Broadway as your frame of reference, and presented more topical abstract art to illustrate your poetic POV. I did some similar gyrations.

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    1. Your haibun is truly dynamic, the movement from vibrant to stsndstill, the hope dancing in the minds of grief. The quiet flow from text into haiku. Bravo

      Stay safe

      Thank you for dropping by to read mine



  2. I love the way you zoom straight into the unfamiliar darkness of Broadway, something that doesn’t happen often, seeing as Broadway has kept lights on and curtains up, and the show has always gone on, even during wars and recessions. It is significant of the dark time in which we are living, and the Billy Joel song is so apt. The image of the lights from hastily abandoned office windows and ‘traffic lights that change for invisible crowds’ is haunting, and I love the haiku.

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  3. You have captured so much in your haibun, especially for the outsiders (non-NY-ers looking in.) I love the graphic representational morph from colorful structure to greyscale mish-mash. The line that stands out for me: “Dreams stand still, waiting between hope and grief.”

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  4. I do like you painting/collage. And the image of the lights going off makes me think of the Edward Grey quote from August 1914 “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”
    New York has had a lot of press over here, good, sympathetic press. There must be a spirit, like Barcelona under Franco, resistance.

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  5. I like the title (referring to Broadway) juxtaposed to the image of the traffic and street lights still on, changing, walk signs/red/yellow/green/green arrows — flickering to no one. Directing nothing. Eerie.

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