crossing over

crossing over s

our cells are
one with water air
flower tree

For Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.  Hard not to think of Monet.

crossing over close up s

One of the beauties of his water lily paintings is how they draw you in, to a space that is timeless and endless.  Like we belong there.

18 thoughts on “crossing over

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I wrote a very complicated poem first, inspired by Monet’s ability to pull us into his vision of nature, and then realized I could say what I meant in just a few words.

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  1. Monet was my first thought when I saw Sue’s photo. We were able to see his Agapanthus Triptych in 2011 when it was on display at the St. Louis Art Museum, and we were fortunate to make the visit with an artist who explained the intricacies of the panels to us.

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    1. The paintings are so immersive. MOMA has a round room that just has 3 of them on the wall and a place to sit in the center. It’s magical.
      But of course now you have to wonder when it will ever be open again…

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