Room to Fly

perhaps hand s

Imagine a window
in a wall that is constructed
of fear and superstition

Imagine an open window–
it does not exist because
no one has built a wall for it

Imagine flowers–
bloomings that subsist only
in the invisible world of the window

Imagine wings
growing in the unseen air,
releasing the imprisoned breath

Imagine a window,
a portal to what isn’t there–
a borderless unceilinged sky

birdlings close up 4s

Laura at dVerse asks us to make some room.  And Sherry at earthweal asks us to consider all that is wrong with the world and how we can make things right.  As John Lennon knew, our ability to change is often just a failure of our imagination.

I thought the birdlings were appropriate to these words.  And the window is an old collage based on the work of Miriam Schapiro, who knew a thing or two about both portals and collage.

31 thoughts on “Room to Fly

  1. The open window because no one has buil;t a wall for it is brilliant – a great metaphor for the lack of vision in which we exist. The portal is wonderful – to a borderless unceilinged sky. Wow. I hope you are staying safe in New York. Your Governor Cuomo is one of my heroes. Some people rise in dire circumstances, while others sink. He definitely has risen. I wish he was running for President. With Alexandra Ocasio Cortez for VP. Well, one can dream. Smiles.

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  2. some lovely phrases in your poem which takes us beyond the room and wall – I like the repeat of ‘Imagine’ – and especially
    “Imagine wings
    growing in the unseen air,”

    thank you for joining in with the prompt

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  3. A skilful merging of the two prompts, Kerfe, and I love your collages (you know that anyway!). I like the echo of John Lennon in the repetition of ‘Imagine’. A wall that is constructed of fear and superstition needs a window – not something that trump wants in his ridiculous, scary wall! I especially love the lines:
    ‘Imagine wings
    growing in the unseen air,
    releasing the imprisoned breath’.
    Glad to see that you’re getting out to the park, Kerfe!

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  4. “Imagine” is such a potent pandemic word — so many isolate dreams lifting and mixing. Great applause here, you’ve done a lilting magical job with it. images exquisite, too — Brendan

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  5. The images are gasp beautiful and structure with the repetition of the imagine is perfect. And of course imagine might be my all time favourite song too. Thank you. And again the art is just gorgeous too..

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