I read the news today (oh boy)

I read the news s

approaching greyscale
this blurred journey
down streets
not only nameless but
soundless, dislocated

all the rhythms are abbreviated–
throbbing, stagnating
in a silent cinematic slow motion–
a composite of fragments
neither awake nor asleep–
a perpetual absence
of who
what when where

For dVerse, where Linda has given us the quadrille word of slip, and earthweal, where Brendan asks, “What comes next?”

29 thoughts on “I read the news today (oh boy)

  1. I love the title, which took me back to when a bunch of lovely dreamers envisioned a better world. We are heading down an unmarked street. But we can choose its name. We live in hope. Because we cant live without it.

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  2. kaykuala

    slips down streets
    not only nameless but
    soundless, dislocated

    We often are faced with the dilemma of being in unfamiliar territory or surroundings through no fault od our own.


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  3. I like the way you took the Beatles’ words and made them your own. You’ve conveyed the monochrome atmosphere of those nameless, soundless, dislocated streets, and combined it with the abbreviated rhythms. The last three months seem to have been in ‘silent cinematic slow motion’. Thanks for the song – one of my favourite Beatles’ songs – difficult because I love them all.


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