16 thoughts on “Headline Haiku: The World is Broken

  1. Trump cares nothing for money, it is power and adulation he is a junkie for. Epstein’s good buddy.
    I saw video of Obama in Flint when they asked him to drink some of the water. He put the glass to his lips and mimed drinking. Trump with The Bible is no different. He’s about as far from Jesus as one can get, which is ok for anyone — UNLESS YOU ARE POTUS and holding a (what appears to be an unused) Bible in your hand. Did he spray whitewash on his hand?

    Somebody at dVerse I think it was yesterday said it is a poet’s job to “speak the truth.” Good job of speaking, my artistic poet friend.

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  2. Was the world ever whole, I wonder? If it wasn’t it’s because we have had too many leaders who pick out the basest, most selfish desires and elevate them to the place of right. The masses follow.

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