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Blessed be the Spirits of Becoming

Our Lady of the Silver Wheel,
waxing and waning with the moon,
reflecting back the circle of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Our Lady of Joy,
who lifts up our souls with melody
and transforms our movements into dance.

Our Lady of the Birds,
who grows wings on our wishes, hopes, and dreams.

jm 7ca close up 3s

Our Lady of Magic and Mystery,
silent and secret,
who shapes and shifts,
puzzles and predicts,
divines and deciphers,
casts and conjures,
and answers all question with a riddle.

Our Lady of the Rainbow,
who paints the infinite darkness with eternal light.

Our Lady of Wild Places,
guardian of the earth,
shepherd of the seas,
keeper of fire and wind,
shelter, shield, and sanctuary.

jm 7ca close up 2s

Our Lady of Healing and Renewal,
who embraces both body and spirit
with comfort, courage, restoration, and release.

Our Lady of the Weaving of Time,
whose threads mingle past, present and future
in a simultaneous, unfinished, ethereal tapestry.

Our Lady of the Crossroads,
who celebrates choice, change, and transformation.

jm 7ca close up 1s

To all who were are and shall be:

May our circles be open
but unbroken.

For earthweal open link weekend, all of it, a repost from NaPoWriMo 2018.

22 thoughts on “SpiritSong

  1. Love this, especially the lines “Our Lady of the Rainbow,/who paints the infinite darkness with eternal light.” We need light to drive out darkness right now.

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  2. Wondrous female forms in different colors and textures, moving through the cycles of the cosmos. Your poem is a mantra, a prayer. Imagine if all across the globe we were to repeat this together at the same time. Who knows what might happen?

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  3. This an elusive Lady, not part of any sacred texts, and she wouldn’t be, would she? She is the spirit that we need to find, chase the bloody patriarchal menace and find some peace and calm.
    Gorgeous words, thoughts and images.

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  4. The sound/rhythm of this poem is enticing. With all of that help we should be able to hold up much more than half the sky. I like the circle being open. Open is not broken. It can be strong.

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