latitudes a

an infused
world, changing with sky
light weather–
we construct
alternates to confusion,
editing ourselves,

trying to
change the stories, shape
how we fit–
our doors swing
only in and out—not through,
not passing between—

our edges
are meant to divide–
what do we
really see?
surrounded by leeways–who
can control the wind?

A shadorma chain for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt, above.

latitudes close up a

13 thoughts on “latitudes

  1. You have really captured the essence of the scene in the photograph.
    Nothing is fixed nowadays, everything up for grabs. We change the world around us to suit our self image. At the risk of drawing down invective, I admit, some demands make me weary.

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      1. I shouldn’t look at the threads on social media, the trading of insults between groups and groupuscules. Disagree with me and you’re an ignorant racist transphobe islamophobe Terf fascist and I’m calling out the boys/girls/others to come and kill you. I’m surprised anybody comments about anything at all.

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  2. This liminal world with “doors swing
    only in and out—not through,
    not passing between—”

    Your words fit the image, as well as expressing the misty world we’re in right now–where no one can control the wind.

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