that they are

secrets white

The stars answer each other, singing over and through the wind.  Coming and going follows patterns that signal a chorus of light from within chords I cannot name.

We are not on the same journey, the stars and I.  We go in different directions, down the imperturbable street that seeks both its ending and beginning in a place that can’t be found.  We pass each other on separate orbits, reflected in the pulses of moontides.  We circle and spiral, held by different arrangements of time and space.

Holding the sea, I lift it to the sky, trying to capture and distill the chiaroscuro into a garment of rainbow clouds.  Join me, I ask silently.  Dance with me, become with me a kaleidoscope that shifts the darkness of chaos into currents that gyre together, a collective river of song.

become visible–
exchange of self

each to the other

Merril’s prosery prompt at dVerse quotes from poet Gwendolyn Brooks:  “We go in different directions down the imperturbable street.”

Merril posted some wonderful photos of light in her Monday Morning Musings today, and several of them reminded me of collages I had done for Jane Dougherty’s microfiction prompts.  This one is from 2016 (you can see the original post here).

19 thoughts on “that they are

  1. A wonderfully starry opening, Kerfe, and I like the way the prompt line is embedded in the centre of your piece. I love the movement in that paragraph, the passing, reflecting, circling and spiralling through time and space, into the kaleidoscopic final paragraph.The collage is lovely too. 🙂

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  2. This is so beautiful, Kerfe. It’s like another version of my Monday Morning Musings from yesterday (and thanks for the shoutout).

    I also like the way you embedded the prompt line. And the movement is lovely, rather than frenetic–all the drifting and circling–and seeking the light.

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    1. Thanks Merril. That post really spoke to me–thanks for sending me back to all those postcard fictions too. I may do more reworkings, as my art production at the moment is almost at zero. It requires more focus than I seem to possess right now.

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  3. This reminds me of the series I’m currently reading – the orphan’s tales by Catherynne M Valente, where the stars are treated as gods. Love the way you weave the prompt into the narrative seamlessly. Thank you for the read

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